Welcome to Daerim St. Mary`s Hospital

Since its opening in 1969, Daerim St. Mary’s Hospital has been committed to the development of domestic medical services and promotion of public health.

Our philosophy is to make each and every patient happy.
This not only means that we devote ourselves in healing physical illnesses, but also the patient’s mind & soul. It is a piece of mind that leads us to be the most prestigious medical institution in the southwest region of Seoul.

Daerim St. Marry’s Hospital consists of two specialized medical centers and diversified departments equipped with cutting edge hardwear/equipemnt and a committed professional staff that possesses not only the skill, but also the experience.

We have been working towards to be the best general hospital specializing in breast and thyroid related diseases/conditions.
In the case of thyroid disease/condition treatment, our thyroid center is surpassing university hospitals in terms of its quality and quantity.
We pride in our radioactive iodine treatment facility that makes this possible.

Also in recent years, we have also expanded our breast cancer center to evolve around our patient’s needs and all systems were structured for an effective non-stop treatment. We are dedicated in providing the best medical services without compromising any details.

As we move forward, we promise to always find a way to be more courteous, innovative and creative in every way possible.
We will always be there to do more for you and your family. We hope that your experience at Daerim St. Mary’s Hospital brings you happiness.

Thank you.