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Adenoma of the Nipple
J Korean Surg Soc Adenoma of the Nipple 2009.08.04.
J Korean Surg Soc. 2009 Aug;77(2):134-137 논문 보기
Adenoma of the nipple (AN) is an uncommon benign tumor of the breast. This tumor usually arises from the lactiferous ducts of the nipple. The common clinical findings are unilateral serosanguinous discharge with crust and a palpable nodule in the nipple. The symptoms and signs of AN are similar to those of Paget's disease and this confusion sometimes leads to unnecessary mastectomy. Thus performing careful clinical and histological examinations along with radiologic investigations are very important for the proper management of AN. This tumor is usually treated by total excision of the nipple. We report here on two cases of AN in two women who presented with red swelling, serosanguinous discharge and erosion of the nipple. We successfully managed them with partial excision or total excision along with reconstruction. Although AN is a relatively rare disease, surgeons should keep the diagnosis in mind for the proper management of this disease.

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